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Grat noticed him, but before he could aim, Kloehr shot him in the throat. For a time, Bill Doolin and his partners operated under outlaw Henry Starr (Cherokee), hiding out about 75 miles northeast of Kingfisher, from where they made several raids. 108 reviews #16 of 84 Restaurants in Amherst $$ - $$$ American Greek Vegetarian Friendly. The three then rode to the ranch of Clovis Cole, northeast of Fresno, and asked Lit if he could furnish them a horse and saddle. He then went to Fresno to check on Lit and Cole Dalton, and was convinced of the same. James Dalton Hatcher Obituary. Isham had 10 siblings: david Dalton Sr. of Rutherford Co. NC, James Dalton and 8 other siblings. 4346 Bailey Ave, Amherst, NY 14226-2133 +1 716-838-2233 Website. At 10pm he looked at his watch and announced to Yoes aloud that it was his bedtime, but that he would be back to have breakfast with him in the morning. Notes from Obituaries. Kay and his men made their way to a rock ledge that Middleton told them would bring them within a few feet above Dalton's camp. Without making any noise, Bryant went to the messagebox and secured the revolver. There have been several other nominees suggested to be the sixth man seen riding into Coffeyville, including Bill Dalton, George Newcomb, and Bill Doolin, all of which have never been confirmed. The baggageman carelessly stuck the revolver into a pigeon-hole messagebox and went to work at the other end of the car. Percy was born on October 4 1897. Instead he caught a cold from sitting in the fog all night. Deputy Witty entered shortly after, and was told by Kay to go in the room and grab Bill's rifle. Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree. When Kay returned to Visalia, he immediately went with detective Smith to the tailor of the coat found at the Ceres robbery. Bill Doolin, "Bitter Creek" Newcomb, and Charlie Pierce, none of whom was at Coffeyville, were the only members left of the original Dalton Gang. James Lewis Dalton from Jackson County, Missouri and Kentucky was the father of all four boys. Kay nudged the door open with his elbow, aimed his revolver at Bill and said, "Bill! Knowing Grat must've sold or hired a horse, Kay sent Witty to investigate while he kept Grat in sight. Husband of Julia Johnson Lewis There was a moment where Dalton could have been shot in cold blood, and some of Kay's deputies wanted to do it, but Kay and Hensley wouldn't allow it. Very soon, half the businessmen around the plaza knew what was going on, and the message quickly passed throughout the town. The two left California in February 1892 and rode for a hundred and seven days before reaching Kingfisher. His older brother Frank Dalton, a Deputy US Marshal, was by all accounts the strongest of the brothers, and always kept his brothers in line. Grat heard the revolver shots from the Express agent. On the night of September 27, Grat and two cellmates, Arvil Beck and W.B. I haven't seen one since I left Missouri. The second train robbery by the Dalton Gang in Oklahoma was at a small station called Lelietta on September 15, 1891, about four miles north of Wagoner, Oklahoma. There they played poker all night and won $100. Since Emmett had originally attempted to convince his captors that he was Charles Dryden, until he realized that it was hopeless, his word is considered by many to be of questionable value. Kay talked to their mother for several hours and she even invited him in for breakfast. Smith was told to leave and both Bill and Grat agreed to tell their story, but only if they showed that there was no first degree murder in the robbery. ", A caricature of Dalton appeared in the 1954 Lucky Luke album Hors-la-loi where he's depicted as the tallest of the Dalton brothers. John III leads what is known as the Dutton Ranch today. na Randolph Dalton, Emma Dalton, Emmett Dalton, Robert Rennick Dalton, Eva May Dalton, Mason Dalton, Henry Coleman Coleman Dalton, Gratto May 3 1871 - Belton, Cass, Missouri, United States, July 13 1937 - Long Beach, Los Angeles, California, United States, James Lewis Dalton, Adeline Lee Dalton (born Younger). Hensley grabbed Dean and took him over the ridge to Kay so they could handcuff him to an oak tree. On June 8, 1894, while he was playing with his daughter on the front porch of his farm home in Ardmore, Okla., lawmen crept up on him from behind and shot him dead. He had gone to school at Robbins Corners near Coffeyville, and knew several hundred people in town. [12], Lit, the last surviving Dalton brother, responded to a book written by his brother Emmett after the latter's death. Grat shipped his saddle and riding rig to Delano and took the train to Traver where he met Bob and Emmett. The eight armed guards on the train all happened to be at the back of the train when it pulled in. He then threw the butt of his winchester to the ground and the two nervously laughed at each other. Some time later, the three dissatisfied members also returned and new plans began to form. Grat was taken back to jail to await his sentence. They missed Cole by several hours who had already taken the train to Salt Lake where Kay and his deputy followed. In the spring of 1942, the brothers, under Tuvia's leadership, decided to gather 30 surviving family members and a few friends. The gang specialized in bank and train robberies. The next day, Christmas Eve, 1891, the posse of both Sheriff Kay and Sheriff Hensley woke up at three in the morning and ascended the mountain to Dalton's camp. While the Indian Nations had their own tribal law enforcement, these agencies had no jurisdiction over non-Indians. Angered by the charges against Grat and Bill which he knew to be false, Bob decided that the best way to help his brothers would be to acquire enough money to pay for their bail and defense. Kay decided to place both men under arrest and took them to Visalia. He had Bill lift the carpet and open the trap door and, instead of Bob, they discovered a man named Riley Dean, a saloon hanger-on from Visalia and Traver. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. Teresa was a member of the Full Gospel Outreach Church and . Brother of Charles Benjamin Dalton; Henry 'Cole' Coleman Dalton; Louis Kossuth Dalton; Bea Elizabeth Dalton; Littleton "Lit" Lee Dalton and 11 others; Lelia Dalton; Frank Dalton, Deputy U.S. One of the brothers moved to oklahoma yet died in California. The Dalton Gang's criminal enterprise was ended on October 5, 1892 when they attempted to rob two banks at once in Coffeyville, Kansas. Grat believed him and decided he would wait until it opened. James Lewis Dalton from Jackson County, Missouri and Kentucky was the father of all four boys. Kay doubled back to Kingman and learned that the boys had taken a train to Phoenix with the money they made. The mountain was a natural fortress, rocky and heavily wooded, with a good view of the surrounding countryside. Condolences can be left for the family at www.mynattfh.com. He was a saloon keeper in Kansas City, Missouri when he married Adeline Lee Younger. Send flowers to the service of Pastor Terence Hundrey Hambrick They were also accused of robbing a bank in El Reno, Oklahoma, on July 28, but this was based on little evidence, as no one identified any members of the gang. After they realized they were no longer being pursued, Bob and Emmett began to form what would be known as the Dalton Gang. He was John Dutton III's brother but he died only hours after he was born. Gratton Dalton, called "Grat" Dalton, (March 30, 1861 to October 5, 1892) was an outlaw of the Old West, and leader of the Dalton Gang. This is where. After having a deputy watch Middleton's place, he learned that Middleton was buying enough groceries to last three months and was seen driving east of Sanger. Broadwell was hit several times, but managed to ride away. Left to right: Bill Powers; Bob Dalton; Grat Dalton, Dick Broadwell, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "DALTON Family History: Old West Kansas Dalton Gang KS Heritage Group www.kansasheritage.org", "The Dalton Gang Train Robbery at Adair, I.T. Laney was born on May 23 1903. First recruited were George "Bitter Creek" Newcomb and "Blackfaced" Charlie Bryant, who had received his nickname because of a gunpowder burn on one cheek. Ken Haas 4/22/12. Leave a sympathy message to the family in the guestbook on this memorial page of James Dalton Hatcher to show support. Street work was being done at the time, and one of the workers noticed the men dog-trotting across the alley with rifles, and began to yell, "The Daltons are robbing the bank!" The road curved behind some willow trees, and Kay told Witty to drive past the house, passing close to the door, and then to drive back. After being found innocent by a Visalia jury, Bill was acquitted and released on October 15. All in the band were killed except Emmett, who was wounded and spent 14 years in Kansas State Penitentiary in Lansing. In 1910 he bacame a special Peace Officer in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hello!". Meanwhile, Emmett and Bob had entered the First National Bank, covered the officers and two customers, and ordered the cashier, Thomas Ayres, to open the safe with gold and cash. Father of Roy Reynolds Dalton Bob and Emmett were able to steal horses and riding rigs. Corrections? Soon after, Jim Ford noticed Emmett exit a department store, who quickly ducked back inside upon noticing Kay. By Stephanie Dalton March 03, 2008 at 03:10:47 Hello, I am trying to find a family tree for the Dalton family of which 2 members of the Dalton gang are from. In 189091 they took to robbing gambling houses, trains, and banks and were joined by their brother Bill, until then a married, respectable citizen, whose career had been wrecked by his being linked to his brothers. As Witty entered the room, he heard a noise come from somewhere inside. Emmett reappears on a wanted poster in Les Cousins Dalton his character of tallest of the Dalton Brothers being taken over by Averell Dalton. [2] He was paroled after serving 14 years in prison.[3]. McCue of the Montgomery County District Court for second degree murder. After securing bondsmen, Bill immediately went to Merced and hired John W. Beckenridge, the best attorney in the San Joaquin Valley, to defend Grat. Riley would feed the outlaws, and would do the same for any passing officers, but he would never reveal each other's whereabouts to either parties. From their position, Kay and his deputies were fifty yards from Dalton and Dean, who were both discussing their plan to hunt one of Elwood's hogs for Christmas dinner. He was given a life sentence in the penitentiary in Lansing, Kansas and pardoned after fourteen years. They used the bar they had cut out to pry open the grating in the wood room window and, instead of risking going and putting it back, left the broom handle in its place. Short then turned and the two shot each other to death. Doctors W. L. Goff and Youngblood were sitting on the porch of the drug store near the depot. Emmett Dalton survived the raid but received 23 gunshot wounds (as referenced on Q102). Emmett Dalton was born on month day 1927, to Percy Dalton and Laney Dalton (born Shields). Alex Murdaugh claimed the family dogs caused Satterfield, 57, to trip, but her death was not reported to the coroner and an autopsy was not initially . On his death bed, Emmett told Frank Forrest Latta that he had robbed a train in California, and had used the alias William McElhanie. My grandfather & great grandfather are both from the US but that's where my knowledge stops. During an attempted double bank robbery in Coffeyville, Kansas in 1892, two of the brothers and two other gang members were killed; Emmett Dalton survived, was captured, and later pleaded guilty to second-degree murder,[1] although he later asserted that he never fired a shot during the robbery. Bill, thrown off his guard, quickly turned around and mimicked the greeting, "Kay! Neither was he in Merced or Livingston. Bob had planned for the gang to tie their horses to a post behind the Condon Bank, where it was protected from the center of town by brick walls. Eddie Milton Payne, age 78, of Dalton, Georgia, passed away Monday February 27, 2023 at Hamilton Medical Center. He married Minnie McDaniel on July 30, 1910. The Daltons were also featured in yet another Randolph Scott Western, Randolph Scott himself plays Bill Doolin in the film, "The Dalton Gang" is a half-hour, 1954 episode of the American TV series, The Dalton Gang appears in the Italian comic book, This page was last edited on 4 March 2023, at 07:01. As they approached the camp the bootleggers began to fire on them. The last night they dug a hole in the brickwall of the woodroom, but found heavy iron bars embedded in the wall that they couldn't get in between. The newly formed Oklahoma Territory had organized their own sheriff and city police departments, but there was so far very little cooperation between them. He began walking behind his plow when he felt a rifle poke him in the ribs. Their father, Lewis Dalton, a rambler and saloonkeeper, abandoned his wife Adeline (ne Younger), who was forced on her own to rear their 15 children during the difficult period of the American Civil War and Reconstruction. Kay did not think much of this until later, when Perry Byrd mentioned Chris breaking Grat out of jail. Threatened with prison time, Smith told Kay that Middleton could be followed to Dalton's camp when he carried him supplies. Sheriff Kay was forced to give up the chase in order to return to California for Grat's trial. Save. He moved to California and became a real estate agent, author and actor, dying at the age of sixty-six. He soon discovered a worn place in the carpet and found a trap door hidden underneath. The Dalton family came from Jackson County, Missouri. (He was pardoned in 1907, reformed, and led a respectable businessmans life in Los Angeles until his death on July 13, 1937.) After the robbery at Adair, officials of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad offered a reward of $40,000 for anyone who could capture and convict the Dalton Gang, and a reward of $5,000 for the arrest of any of them.[8]. Grat then shot him in the head and killed him. A detailed bio on a Dalton Brothers webpage declares "We play two kinds of music: Country and Western" and notes that the group took inspiration from country legends including Willie Nelson,. He was the son of the late Lush and Nellie Payne and was preceded in death by his . Leona outlived all of her brothers and sisters. The Dalton's couldn't sell their horses in Ludlow and they didn't have enough money for all three of them to take the train to Indian territory, so Bill took the train back to Paso Robles while Bob and Emmett took the train to Salt Lake where they would meet Cole. Kay believed Chris was either protecting himself by helping Grat break from jail or returning the favor for Grat protecting him. For some reason, however, the body was buried as Bill Powers. The weather conditions during his escape led him to becoming sick with pneumonia, so he stayed near Livingston for several weeks, sleeping in Gray's cupola and watching the surrounding plains with an eyeglass for any sight of a posse. Sheriff Kay soon learned of the horses at Ludlow and that the description of the men who left them matched that of Bob and Emmett. Through her brother, Adeline was an aunt of Cole and Jim Younger, of the famous James-Younger Gang. Hannah Adeline Dalton (a twin) b. Smith, escaped from the Tulare County jail in Visalia while Sheriff Kay was in San Francisco. He was a saloon keeper in Kansas City, Missouri when he married Adeline Lee Younger. Marshal. They then robbed the next train a few minutes later, securing about $50,000. They missed Bob and Emmett by only twelve hours in Cananea, then lost their trail completely in Fronteras. Afraid to go near them, Bill left out supplies and food, while there were several times the boys visited Bill's house at night. Grat could not see the yard Wagy had laid in from his cell and the deputy hadn't told anyone what he had done that night. 6 Jul 1879, d. 13 Sep 1928 in Oklahoma City. In 1883, viewers meet the Duttons who settle in Montana near Yellowstone National Park and found the Yellowstone Ranch.James Dutton (Tim McGraw) is the patriarch of the family, a Civil War veteran . When Bill and Dean were acquitted, Bill was rearrested by Kay after his bondsmen were convinced to withdraw by detective Hume. Bill Dalton came into the hotel lobby and began to speak to deputy Yoes in a loud voice, so everyone around them could hear. Emmett was sentenced to life in the state prison at Lansing, Kansas, by Judge J.D. At about 8am, a telegraph messenger came into the room and handed the deputy marshal a telegram, reporting the robbery at Red Rock by the Daltons at 10pm the previous night. Smith, Sheriff Kay learned from them that Grat had actually made the opening in the bars several days before the robbery after being slipped a saw from someone on the outside. This would've been while Grat was on active duty as Deputy Marshal in Indian Territory, but Sheriff Kay claimed that Grat had told him that he had made two extended trips to California while serving as U.S. Officers were watching Lit at Clovis Cole's, but didn't think to watch Owen's place. Henry Coleman "cole" Dalton, Lewis Kossuth Dalton, Bea Elizabeth Dalton, Littleton Lee "lit" Dalton, Lelia Dalton, F Roy Reynolds Dalton, Roy Johnson, Genie Gilstrap Dalton. Share your family tree and photos with the people you know and love. He would, he claimed, "beat anything Jesse James ever didrob two banks at once, in broad daylight." Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). Emmett Dalton (May 3, 1871 July 13, 1937) was an American outlaw, train robber and member of the Dalton Gang in the American Old West. He then saw Grat begin to approach over the hill and planned to wait until he was thirty feet from him before making an arrest. Kay knew that, besides Beckenridge's sabotage of the case, Grat would probably be found innocent and their case against Bob and Emmett would fall through. The family will receive friends at the Willis Funeral Home on Saturday from 6:00 - 7:30 P. M. Interment will be Monday, March 6, 2023, at 12:30 P. M. at the Chattanooga National Cemetery. This Section of the Data Bank contains anecdotes, short stories and whimsical tales of Daltons throughout history. Rumors had circulated for months that Bob had planned to come and liberate Grat, so two of sheriff Kay's deputies, Jim Wagy and Bob Hockett, had been hired by Wells Fargo to guard Grat's cell until he was sentenced and sent to San Quentin. The most Dalton families were found in USA in 1880. Powers tried to mount his horse, but shots from the store also killed him. In January 1889, Grat and Bob both became deputies first under Marshal Jones and later under Marshal R.L. Grat and McCardle fired at each other almost simultaneously. . Late that night, they received a telegram notifying them that men matching the description of Bob and Emmett were seen taking a southbound train many miles south of Salt Lake. This also suggests that John Dalton was not a young man, and this could have been a second wife. He claimed that Bob, Grat, and Emmett had all made at least two trips to Bill's ranch in California during that time and that at least one of them would show up to his saloon to get a gallon demijohn full of whiskey to bring back to the rest. To help pay him the two thousand dollars he asked for, Bill sold almost all of his horses and mules. [11] He was given a life sentence in the Kansas State Penitentiary in Lansing, Kansas, of which he served 14 years before being pardoned. Marshals Service, but it was quickly becoming fragmented due to power struggles between newly formed district courts and jealousy between marshals over their different jurisdictions. Smith instead went north and several weeks later was arrested by Kay. The Dalton Gang's criminal enterprise was ended on October 5, 1892 when they attempted to rob two banks at once in Coffeyville, Kansas. The three went out the side door crouching and dashing across Walnut Street to the alley where they had hitched their horses. alton, Louis Kossuth Dalton, Bea Elizabeth Lelia Phillips (born Dalton), Littleton "lit" Lee Dalton, John Franklin Dalton, Grat Roy Reynolds Dalton, Roy Johnson, Genie Gilstrap Perrier (born Dalton), May 3 1871 - Cas Co, Belton, Cass County, Missouri, United States, July 13 1937 - Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California, United States. Bill immediately threw his guitar on the bed and exclaimed, "Now what in the world do you know about that? Emmett Dalton survived the raid but received 23 gunshot wounds. Since the horse was lame, they could only get $60 for it and Grat was unable to find another horse afterwards. Bob saw Ayres from about 200ft away and quickly shot him in the head. Kay moved quietly across the floor and pushed the door a little farther open with his revolver. They did however find pieces of a file and a hack saw blade in the prisoner's toilet. Why in the world do you suppose they went away and left me behind? A posse assembled by U.S. The remaining years of Emmetts life were spent on the stage, writing a book on the family and the Raid "When the Daltons Rode" in 1931 and as a real estate developer in California. Thinking they had lost Kay, Bob and Emmett headed to their mother outside of Kingfisher. Omissions? Although the Daltons may have been inspired by their famous cousins' exploits, the Youngers were much older and were in prison at the time of the Dalton Gang's activities. The plan was that Bob and Emmett were to rob the First National Bank while Grat, Broadwell, and Powers robbed the Condon Bank across the street. While six men were confirmed to had been seen riding into town, other witnesses that day were all in agreement that upon reaching town there were only five men in the group. Grat dropped to the ground and rolled into a gulch about ten feet away. Their only grandchild with the surname Dalton was Charles Coleman Dalton. Both men were hit several times by stray shots; Dr Goff was fatally wounded. Notes from Obituaries. As he lifted the rifle up, Bob shot and killed him. ", Jim Wagy also showed up after the break out to overlook the scene. But that is not known. Before they could leave however, they received another telegram notifying them that the two were spotted in the southern part of Utah. Kay suspected that this was probably the work of some suspects he had from Visalia, but the railroad detectives demanded the arrest of the remaining Dalton brothers. After pointing out the location of the camp, Middleton left in a hurry and the two posses spent the night on the living room floor of the nearby Elwood ranch. Grave of Dalton gang in Coffeyville, Kansas, Bob Dalton, with an unidentified woman (possibly Eugenia Moore), May 9, 1889. Cubine's partner, Charles Brown, was standing unarmed next to him and went to pick up his Winchester. There was also little incentive among Deputy Marshals to search for potentially dangerous outlaws, their only pay being for fees and a set amount for each criminal they arrested.